Victoria Centre, Paignton

The Council is moving forward with Phase 1 of development at Victoria Centre.  This involves removing constraints to the development of the site currently occupied by the old car park, closest to Garfield Road.  The site will then come forward for residential development.

£900,000 has been awarded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, following a bid for Land Release Funding, for work to remove constraints to development of the site.  The site needs to be ‘unlocked’ by April 2020 at the latest, to allow for development shortly after.

Design, legal and feasibility work is being underway to enable redevelopment of the site. That includes the production of a Supplementary Planning Document, in Summer 2019, to illustrate what development of the site could look like and to guide future development.

The proposed refurbishment and reuse of Paignton Picture House; the delivery of Paignton Station Square townscape improvements and the redevelopment of Park Hotel and The Lighthouse, all work well alongside this proposed development.



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