Molendotech chosen for US water test trials

Molendotech Limited will participate in US trials with their new SirenBW product.

The life sciences company based in the University of Plymouth Brixham Laboratory will conduct testing for the US Environment Protection Agency (USEPA) in the Gulf of Mexico.

SirenBW is an innovative assay that is able to rapidly detect contamination with faecal bacteria in water without the need to wait for days for laboratory results. SirenBW can deliver test results in a matter of minutes, significantly improving the ability to identify and track any pollution source in real time.

In May 2019, Molendotech attended the University of North Carolina Water Microbiology Conference with support from the TDA International Trade Bursary. Molendotech met with representatives of the USEPA who were keen to include SirenBW in water testing trials in the Gulf of Mexico which are due to start in the next month.

This is the first large scale trial of the product in recreational water testing outside the UK. The trials will involve comparison of the SirenBW assay against other technologies and current culture-based techniques. The Molendotech SirenBW technology offers significant advantages over other methods of detecting faecal contamination of water. If these trials are successful it could lead to the purchase of the SirenBW product by organisations and regulators in each US state with responsibility for water testing. This could lead to significant sales of SirenBW kits worth £1-3M over the next few years.

SirenBW is produced and sold under licence by Palintest Ltd., an international water testing company. In addition to direct sales, recommendation by the USEPA could lead to adoption of the kit to help with recreational water regulation in other parts of the world. In most countries, designated bathing waters require regular testing to monitor for faecal bacteria. The SirenBW technology allows this to be performed rapidly in situ allowing greater flexibility in spatial and temporal water monitoring to be achieved. As there are over 20,000 designated bathing beaches in Europe alone, this represents a huge potential market for the company.

Professor Simon Jackson, CEO of Molendotech, said: “Inclusion in these trials with the USEPA is a great result for us. The past year has seen a great deal of interest across the World for our assays and an increase in overseas orders. This year will see significant focus on our business development plans and market targeting.”

Jason Buck, Investment Development Manager, TDA said: “It is a pleasure to work with Molendotech in supporting their growth as part of the TDA aftercare account management programme. This year will be significant for them as they start to develop further overseas sales and undertake the recruitment of other key roles within the company. We are pleased that the International Trade Bursary, which was a key element of Torbay Council’s Economic Strategy, has helped Molendotech find new export opportunities. ”

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