Skills & Expertise

The brightest and best candidates come from Torbay

A business is nothing without a skilled workforce. In Torbay we have some of the brightest and best candidates for businesses to choose from.

Torbay’s motivated and experienced workforce offers a wealth of skills and expertise, thanks to an exceptionally high level of qualifications per person, and a long history of Torbay being home to high-tech industries.

The result is a plentiful supply of new candidates with good qualifications, and more experienced workers with a strong background in engineering, electronics and photonics.

Developing our home grown talent

Torbay is located between two of the country’s best universities (Exeter and Plymouth), ensuring that there are plenty of graduates to choose from.

Torbay’s cluster of hi-tech and manufacturing industries nurtures a fast developing knowledge base. The education sub group of the Torbay Hi Tech and Manufacturing forums supports collaboration between industry and education. The MADE project supports and encourages business and educators to work collaboratively to develop activities which challenge and stimulate to ensure young people have the necessary skills  to be employed within the Hi Tech and Manufacturing sectors, and to progress throughout their careers.

More competitive wages

Salaries in Torbay are lower than the South West and national average. This makes it competitive for businesses to hire skilled staff, with the added incentive of offering higher rates of pay to find the best candidates.

To find out more about locating to Torbay and how the TDA can help, contact Jason Buck, Investment Development Manager on 01803 208799 or email [email protected] today.


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