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Delivering world changing technology

Torbay is one of the top five locations in England for photonics expertise and a key location for advanced electronics engineering. It is home to both UK and US multinationals with end users that include all of the best-known names in telecoms, space, and optical systems technology.

An internationally important centre for research, product design and new development in hi tech manufacturing, Torbay has a strong local supply chain, highly trained employees, excellent access to markets and the kind of integrated business network that is only possible in a well-established cluster.

A growing community of international hi tech companies

Global leaders in technology like Lumentum, Gooch & Housego, SpirentPrior Queensgate, Effect Photonics and II–VI Photonics are all located in Torbay. These companies are committed to major ongoing investment in the region. Alongside these are other specialised companies in photonics integrated circuits (PIC) packaging such as Bay Photonics and other hi tech manufacturing. This has cemented our reputation as one of the most important locations in the UK for advanced electronics, and particularly photonics, knowledge and expertise.

All of these companies are members of the Torbay Hi Tech Cluster.

A dedicated Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC)

Torbay has a dedicated Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) in White Rock Paignton, enhancing Torbay’s reputation as a centre of excellence for photonics and microelectronics. This is an £8m project that will create up to 220 jobs and respond directly to the needs of the sector, supporting prototyping, test development methodology, R&D and shared space for innovative hi tech start-ups. The centre will also house one of the only open access class 7 cleanrooms in the South-West. If you are interested in taking space within the centre please call Wayne Loschi, EPIC Centre Director on 07775 602465 or email: [email protected]

Significant local expertise and dedicated training

With a legacy of training and expertise within the sector, Torbay has an enviable pool of skilled and experienced staff at all levels. The creation of a new Hi-Tech Skills Training Centre at South Devon College will provide training in specialist skills in areas such as electronics, photonics, advanced engineering and computer programming at Level 4 and 5 to directly support the needs of our growing local companies and inward investors.

A firmly established business network

The growth of the Torbay cluster is further strengthened by the Torbay Hi Tech Forum, a local network of hi tech businesses, universities and trade associations. The forum is also a member of the European Photonics Industry Consortium and is highly integrated and active in pursuing opportunities for collaboration, innovation and investment.

No shortage of skilled engineers and technicians

Quality of life, affordable commercial property, competitive wage rates and good connectivity make Torbay an excellent place for businesses to relocate to. With salaries competitive to other comparable tech locations in the UK and a pool of highly skilled individuals, finding qualified engineers is easy.

For free, confidential and specialist advice on relocating to Torbay, call Jason Buck, Investment Development Manager now on 01803 208799 or [email protected]


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