Key Industries

Everyone knows Torbay is a top location for tourism as the 'English Riviera' but it also has great strengths in other industry sectors. Torbay has a long association with electronics dating back as far as the 1940's. Today the area is known worldwide for its expertise in photonics, fibre optics and lasers, with world leading companies choosing Torbay as their R&D base. 

Fishing is synonymous with the historic port of Brixham. The largest catch by value in England arrives into the leading Brixham Fish Market, with the world famous produce ending up across the UK and beyond. Major UK and smaller fish and seafood processing businesses are already located here and the sector continues to grow.

Call centres and back office processing for financial services is also a major industry in Torbay. Leading UK operations in insurance, financial claims and vehicle rentals call Torbay home.

Medical and Healthcare is well recognised here too. Torbay's leading hospital benefits from research and innovation at the world renowned Horizon Centre. The flagship Torbay Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit provides opportunities to trial, test and produce products right here in Torbay.

The Brixham Laboratory is the blue environmental hub of Plymouth University. The unit is home to environmental, marine and hi tech companies who base their R & D activities within the lab, making good use of the facilities available.


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