II-VI Incorporated Renews Its Commitment to Photonics in Torbay

  • II-VI Incorporated Renews Its Commitment to Photonics in Torbay

In October 2017, II-VI Photonics relocated its Pump Laser Division (PLD) management and R&D teams to Westfield Business Park, Paignton.

II-VI Photonics is a segment of II-VI Incorporated, a public company headquartered in the U.S.

Paignton is the base for PLD’s product development team which oversees a broad product line of gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor lasers. These semiconductor lasers, also known as pump lasers, are deployed within optical amplifiers, in the global optical communications infrastructure to boost the power of the optical signals at regular intervals along fibre-optic transmission lines.

PLD’s new location includes Class 4 laser safe lab facilities to enable the development of prototype designs and optics assembly processes, as well as to perform reliability testing. These capabilities will support on-going research and development activities as well as product lifecycle management for II-VI Photonics’ global pump laser business.

Known for its world-class photonics talent, the Torbay region provides an ideal place for II-VI to continue to grow its team. II-VI looks forward to evaluate future collaboration opportunities with the Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) and the South Devon College Hi-Tech Skills Centre.

Simon Loten, GM & Director, Product Management, Pump Laser Division, said:

“II-VI in Paignton hosts a team of world-class experts in semiconductor laser technology, optics, materials science and high-tech, high volume manufacturing.

“By leveraging II-VI’s global manufacturing operations in Switzerland, China and the Philippines, II-VI serves the fast growing demand for pump lasers for optical amplification in terrestrial and submarine networks worldwide.”

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You can download the full II-VI Case Study here