Growing Here

Once you’re here in Torbay we want you to stay. Through our aftercare programme we do our best to help you grow as efficiently as possible.

Through regular contact and site visits to understand your business objectives, we’re able to provide the practical support and advice you need to achieve long-term growth in Torbay.

A business friendly location

We maintain close relationships with businesses across key sectors that underpin the local economy, often over many years. We can help you to strengthen your foundations here and achieve greater success.

As a key barometer for local business conditions, we can support your expansion plans with specific, up-to-date insight into the commercial property sector, sector specific recruitment, funding opportunities and the continued regeneration and economic development taking place across Torbay and the wider region.

Supporting your expansion plans

From identifying development opportunities or finding suitable property, to working with you to identify any early warning of potential problems before they might occur, we are here for you every step of the way.

For access to networking, funding and business expertise contact Jason Buck, Investment Development Manager on 01803 208799 or email [email protected] at today.


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